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Located one hour from San Juan, in the heart of the mountains, is Ciales: the Gate of the Cordillera Central; wich have more that 140 millions of years.


Top 10 Places
in Ciales

Taking a vacation in the paradise of Ciales is very simple and rewarding. Take a look to our Top10 places, you will love it

Step Into Adventure

Ciales is distinguished on the island by the “calor de su gente” (which in the Boricua jargon means that they receive you with affection as if you were family). In each space; you will live an experience of tradition, flavor, culture, history and adventure to remember.

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Free Things to do in Ciales

Experience the best of Ciales without spending a dime by exploring our top free things to do in the town. Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty with free hikes to stunning waterfalls and scenic viewpoints.