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Maria L. Otero Fernandez, CEO at GoToCiales

We are the link to take you on this discovery journey of Ciales.

In 2015 the idea to give back a part of all that my town given me, start. I recognize tourism as a basis for strengthening the economy of our town and improve our communities lifestyle. On 2017 we start to collect many information as a part of a plan.

By 2019, we present the initiative to merchants in the town of Ciales. With their support, a new stage began with the project. Five meetings were develop to hear their needs.  As a part of our first campaign we make shirts and all merchats the last Sunday of each month wore it to promote the initiative.

With a plan to officially lunch the project the pandemic of COVID-19 arrived and we had to cancel the activity.

That didn’t stop us.  For June 24, 2020, in celebration of the 200 years of our town, the FIRST digital web platform was launched and the FIRST Ditial and print Tourism Map to make known Ciales locally and internationally.

On 2021, continuing with the plan; we made a year campaing to make Ciales know.  This year we impact 3.1 million people. We receive all the relevant channels of our local media (TV, radio, influencers) and we initiate alliances.

In 2022, we began structuring tours, certifying ourselves and studying deeply to develop and start the FIRST 4 tours in the area.

Today we count with 8 tours and 2 on development.  We make alliances locally with Utuado and Jayuya towns.

It has been worth everything, the sacrifice development this project, and I hope as long as God gives me the strength and health, to continue developing with his support.

In Ciales, you will experience an immersive way; our gastronomy, culture, people, our nature are the most extraordinary experience that you will got when you visit us.

My team and I; Maria, we are ready to give you an unforgettable experience. Stay with us, choose your favorite hotel, airbnb, guest house or bed & breakfast and enjoy a route rich in restaurants, coffee shops, “chinchorros”, history, contact with nature, and the passion that characterize our people. Thanks for promoting our local economy.

Our strategic location serves as a gateway and link to extend your adventure to near towns such as Jayuya, Orocovis, Utuado, Villalba, Manatí, Florida, Barceloneta, Arecibo among others… We are only approximately 1 hour and a half from San Juan, our capital.

Here at Gotociales.com you will find different categories, maps, steps for follow, so what are you waiting for? Your adventure begins now in Ciales.

Remember to take care of our areas by handling the trash you generate responsibly.

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